Welcome to BARMPOTS

Hello! My name is Becki and I hand paint terracotta plant pots. I started doing this during summer 2019 after getting a bit bored with canvas and paper. People seemed to like them, so I set up a little Etsy shop and Instagram – and here we are.

Until last year, the last time I’d picked up a paintbrush was during GCSE Art some ten years ago, where my greatest achievement was making a giant Curly Wurly out of cardboard and some tights. Towards the end of 2018, my mental health was (quite frankly) in the toilet and I needed something that was distracting but not stressful.

I was lying in bed one night, completely unable to sleep, and started watching a Bob Ross painting tutorial. His gentle reassurance that when painting “we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” and the satisfying swish of the brush across the canvas appealed to my distressed mind. I ordered some cheap brushes and a small set of acrylic paints that night.

Here is the first thing I painted.

It was clear I was a natural and must continue, for the sake of art itself. I painted almost constantly for the next few weeks. I even did some of my very own happy little trees in honour of Bob.

In all seriousness, painting was a huge escape that I gladly threw myself into. Because I wasn’t an artist, I didn’t feel any pressure for anything I painted to be good. I just painted whatever I felt like and enjoyed doing it.

I suppose, as with anything, all the practice meant that I got a little better. And then a little better again. I moved on from painting on whatever scrap paper I could find in the house, to ordering some ‘proper’ acrylic painting paper, and they buying small canvases.

Sometime in August, I painted my first plant pot.

I absolutely loved painting it but didn’t really think anyone would be interested – and at the end of the day, that wasn’t why I was painting. But the response was so positive (within minutes of posting it, two people had asked to buy it) I got some more pots and I’ve been painting them ever since.

I’m honestly so grateful to anyone who has ever said something nice about my pantings, liked or shared a social media post, or even – and this still blows me away – bought a piece of my work. It absolutely means the world and I’m so happy and grateful to be a part of such a lovely and welcoming crafting community.

I hope I’m able to stick around for a while!